Insurance and Financial Information

Insurance can be complicated and overwhelming at times.  At Hunterdon Medical Center you can contact two areas for questions:


  • For questions regarding inpatient care, radiology or lab services billing/insurance concerns:

Hunterdon Medical Center 

Patient Accounts: 



  • For questions regarding medical oncology or radiation oncology billing/insurance concerns: 

Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center Billing  

Contact Billing Specialists: 


If you are not feeling well, consider having a family member or trusted friend help you with the insurance, since it can become quite complicated and time consuming.  

Also, please let us know if your insurance changes or is you have lost your insurance.  There are often resources to help in these situations, but we can only mobilize resources when we know about the problem.  

Please let us know if you have any financial concerns.  We will work with you to create a payment plan; we also may have resources to help reduce the financial burdens often associated with an illness like cancer.    

You may qualify for patient assistance from the pharmaceutical companies or non-profit organizations.  Our social worker or financial counselor can help you find the right resources and websites to search.  You can also contact the Hunterdon County Medication Access Partnership (HCMAP) by calling (908) 788-6572.  It may be helpful to explore possible funds available through cancer-specific organizations such as the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Cancer Care as well.    



Q) Do I have to pay a co-pay for each visit?   

A) Yes, as per insurance guidelines we must collect co-payments at each visit. 


Q) Can I negotiate my deductible or out-of-pocket responsibility? 

A) No, unfortunately due to the contracts that we have with each insurance carrier we are obligated to charge the full amount for all out-of-pocket expenses and payments are due at your time of service.  


Q) My medical bills are so expensive, what happens if I can't afford to pay them at the time of service?  

A) We have billing counselors available to talk to you about setting up payment plans and assist you with options for financial assistance. 


Q) Will someone at the Cancer Center be able to remind me when I may need referrals if my insurance plan requires them?  

A) Ultimately, referrals are the responsibility of the patient.  Often times we recommend that you ask a family member or close friend to help with these types of responsibilities while you are going through treatment.