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Testimonials from Acupuncture Patients


"I am a 42-year-old woman, who has been a patient of Dr. Dein Shapiro for several years. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder about 5 years ago. Dr. Shapiro prescribed Xanax to take each day. At first the dosage was quite high, but presently I am down to ¾ of a mg per day. Dr. Shapiro suggested to me to think about having acupuncture done to relieve some of my anxiety. At first, I did not want to think about "needles" actually helping my disorder. Well after further discussions with Dr Shapiro, I decided to try a treatment. I must say I was very nervous at first, when he placed the needles in me at different places on my body (head, chest, hands and feet) he told me to lay back and try to relax. I closed my eyes while listening to classical music for about 30 minutes. Dr. Shapiro checked in on my quite frequently to be sure I was during okay. After removing the needles, I sat up and felt wonderful! I have been going back for treatments monthly since July."

Back Pain

"A few months back, I hurt my back. I called Dr. Shapiro and he told me to come in for an acupuncture treatment. When I got to his office, I could hardly stand straight up, but after the acupuncture treatment; I could bend down touch my toes and walk with comfort out of his office. I recommend this treatment to everyone who wants to feel great!"


"I have been a patient of Dr. Shapiro receiving acupuncture treatments to alleviate severe back pain caused by a serious automobile accident. After more than a year of severe pain that was not helped or not sufficiently addressed by more traditional medical approaches, I turned to acupuncture out of desperation. After an unsuccessful acupuncture experience with another provider I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Shapiro."

When I called his office, the office staff person recognized my desperation and quickly scheduled me for a visit. When I came in to see the doctor, it was quickly evident that my luck was about to change. First, he gave me the most thorough examination I had in over a year of pain, including some indifferent examinations by so called specialists. He took plenty of time with me and patiently answered my questions. His bedside manner as he began treatment was sensitive and caring and this has continued over the course of my treatment.

The acupuncture treatments I have received from Dr. Shapiro have dramatically reduced my level of pain to a more manageable level. While I may never be completely pain free, I can now say that my level of pain has been cut at least in half if not more than half. Because of the care and treatment I have received from Dr. Shapiro, now feel a sense of hope about the quality of life I can look forward to. Thanks to his acupuncture treatments, I feel like I am able to go on with my life without being held back by constant pain. I am very grateful that I was lucky enough to find him!"

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

"I’ve been suffering from increasing pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for several years. I had been to doctors and chiropractors with no success, although I had used the wrist splints and wax treatments as directed. Recently I had gone to an orthopedic surgeon to try to alleviate the searing pain that would wake me up at night. Cortisone injections failed to give lasting relief and surgery was recommended.
Six weeks ago I visited Dr. Shapiro to try Acupuncture as a last resort before surgery. By the second treatment I noticed improvement. The pain did not wake me up at night and my hands felt better – less numb, warmer and with better circulation. Now after five treatments my discomfort is manageable and I do not feel that surgery will be required. We continue to increase the period between treatments. The Acupuncture sessions are given under a relaxed atmosphere and are much less painful than other treatments such as cortisone injections that I have had.
I would recommend Dr. Shapiro and Acupuncture for anyone who is experiencing chronic pain problems. For me it was a great alternative to surgery."

Chemotherapy Side effects

“As … a breast cancer patient, I am writing to you to inform you of a valuable service for your cancer patients. While being treated with chemotherapy, I chose to have additional treatment in medical acupuncture by Dr. Dein Shapiro. I had my first chemotherapy treatment prior to receiving acupuncture and had the expected nausea despite regular use of Zofran. I did receive acupuncture prior to second chemotherapy treatment and was able to substantially reduce my use of Zofran.

I continued to receive acupuncture by Dr. Shapiro to enhance immune functioning and to reduce symptoms of nausea. By the fourth chemotherapy session, I no longer needed any Zofran and was not at all nauseous. I also had only one decrease in my blood counts throughout the chemotherapy treatments, which occurred after the final treatment, and was able to maintain good energy throughout.

I might also add that Dr. Shapiro was an excellent resource because of his knowledge of the medical and psychological aspects of my treatment for breast cancer. I found him an exceptionally considerate and professional in his manner. I hope that this information will enable you to suggest acupuncture for other chemotherapy patients.”

Endometriosis/Menstrual Cramps

"I decided to try acupuncture for my endometriosis which gave me severe menstrual cramping and pain. In the past I have had laser surgery and Lupron shots to control my endometriosis. I am glad to say that my experience with acupuncture has been very good."

"I have been going for acupuncture treatments with Dr. D. Shapiro about once or twice a month for the past 4 months. At first I was skeptical about trying such a procedure. I have found the procedure to be non-invasive, safe, effective, and fairly painless. After the first month of treatment I noticed a decrease in my menstrual cramping and pain. The second month of treatment I noticed my menstrual pain lessening by half. This last month has been the best month. I had very mild discomfort from my menstrual cramping and pain. I am happily surprised that the acupuncture has dramatically decreased my monthly pain. The only other thing that has given me this relief has been Lupron shots. The only difference is that the Lupron had some mild adverse reactions but the acupuncture has given me no adverse reactions."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Shapiro's for the past five years. Recently he suggested that I try acupuncture to address symptoms of fatigue that I was presenting with. I had already tried acupuncture before and readily agreed to try an acupuncture session designed to increase my energy levels. I have had this treatment at least three times and I have found it useful for increasing my energy."

"In January, I began acupuncture treatments for weight loss. My appetite has been decreased considerably, and I have lost over 15 pounds with no real dieting. I also have been treated for insomnia. I was waking up 4-5 nights per month at about 2 AM, and just was not able to go back to sleep. I still may wake up a few nights per month, but fall back to sleep easily."

Recovery from Knee Surgery

“In March of 2004, I had bilateral knee replacement. I experienced a great deal of pain with this procedure and took high doses of narcotic medications to attempt to relieve the pain. I live in Pennsylvania and my family physician recommended acupuncture to relieve my pain since I was beginning to have side effects from the pain drugs. I wanted a medical doctor who did acupuncture.

After only two sessions of acupuncture I was able to cut back on my medication. By the third session I could do without some of my drugs completely. The accompanying depression that went with the constant pain also disappeared. My energy level greatly increased.

The best benefit from the relief of pain was being able to finally walk down stairs in a normal fashion instead of going down one step at a time while holding onto the railing with both hands.

I only wish my surgeon recommended acupuncture immediately after the operation. He uses acupuncture himself, but did not tell me until after I told him about my successful procedures.

I am a 54 year old woman who has finally been given her life back!”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

"In March, I started to have pain and swelling in my hands and feet and loss of flexibility and strength in my hands as well. I took Extra-Strength Tylenol which did not help. In May I went to my family doctor who prescribed Celebrex and later Vioxx, but neither of them relieved my symptoms. In June I began treatment with a rheumatologist, who doubled the dose of Vioxx and then switched to Voltaren, but none of these anti-inflammatory drugs helped with my symptoms, which were diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis.

In July I started taking Plaquenil (a “disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug” DMARD) with the Voltaren, and when that did not help my medication was changed again to Sulindac (another anti-inflammatory) along with the Plaquenil.
In mid-August I was so tired of the pain that did not seem to be reduced by medication that I began acupuncture treatments to see if they would help. After two treatments, I noticed that my hands and feet were better (less pain, more strength and flexibility). After four treatments, I continued to improve, and my Plaquenil was reduced to half the original dosage.

After 8 treatments with Dr. Shapiro over the past 4 months I can say that my feet have no problems and my hands have no pain, normal strength and almost normal flexibility. I have recommended acupuncture to others for treatment of pain, and you can be sure that I will consider acupuncture for any future medical concerns."

Smoking Cessation

"Ear acupuncture was really helpful at minimizing the cravings and helping me through the first few weeks of anxiety often associated with quitting smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette since March 12th. I use to smoke two packs per day."


"I have received regular treatment from Dr. Shapiro for the condition of Tinitus. When my ENT told me sixyears ago that there was nothing that he could do to help the tinitus I resigned myself to just dealing with the steady ringing in my ears. The problem is that is can be so "loud" at times that it is hard to concentrate and hear what other people are saying, especially in noisy environments. Over a year I started treatment for my problem with acupuncture. I noticed a great improvement after six sessions. Since I began, the ringing in my ears is at a low level about 75% of the time. This has increased my ability to concentrate and perform at work. While acupuncture is not a cure, I believe that I have had significant relief for extended times because of the treatment I have received form Dr. Shapiro."

Urinary Incontinence

"I have suffered with urinary incontinence for a number of years. I have used pads every day to deal with it. In the past, doctors have suggested surgery for my fibroids to relieve pressure on the bladder and cumbersome and expensive exercise treatments. I approached Dr. Shapiro and asked if he thought acupuncture could help. He said he thought it would. I have, since beginning my treatments, decreased the incidence of incontinence to a tremendous extent. I have even had some completely dry days!! This is quite a relief and I am most grateful to Dr. S. for his persistence in learning about ways to make acupuncture work here in America as it has in China for many years. I recommend others to try this simple, relaxing treatment for incontinence and for other ailments that Dr. S. has treated."

Weight Loss

"In January I began acupuncture treatments for weight loss. My appetite has been decreased considerably, and I have lost over 15 pounds with no real dieting. I also have been treated for insomnia. I was waking up 4-5 nights per month at about 2 AM, and just was not able to go back to sleep. I still may wake up a few nights per month, but fall back to sleep easily."

Useful Links

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A wealth of information from the NCCAM of the National Institutes of Health on a variety of subjects.

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture: Web-site of the national organization for physicians who do medical acupuncture. Lots of information and interesting links.