1. Acupuncture
  2. Advanced Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  3. Audiology
  4. Autism
  5. Bariatric Surgery
  6. Behavioral Health
  7. Billing
  8. Blood Donation
  9. Breast Care Program
  10. Bright Tomorrows Preschool and Child Care Center
  11. Briteside Adult Day Center
  12. Cancer Care
  13. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
  14. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  15. Careers
  16. Center for Advanced Weight Loss
  17. Center for Bone and Joint Health
  18. Center for Endocrine Health
  19. Center for Healthy Aging
  20. Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management
  21. Central Jersey Regional Memory Center
  22. Child Development Center
  23. Concussion
  24. CPR Training Center
  25. DaVinci Robotic Surgery
  26. Daycare
  27. Developmental Pediatric Associates
  28. Diabetes
  29. Diabetes / Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Management
  30. Diabetes and Endocrine Associates of Hunterdon
  31. Donate Blood
  32. Donate to Hunterdon Healthcare
  33. Early Intervention Program
  34. Emergency Department
  35. Employment
  36. Family Medicine
  37. Family Medicine Residency Program
  38. Geriatrics
  39. Hearing
  40. Hearing Aids
  41. Heart & Vascular Care
  42. Hip Replacement
  43. Home Health
  44. Hospice
  45. How to Make an Appointment
  46. Hunterdon Behavioral Health
  47. Hunterdon Center for Dermatology
  48. Hunterdon County Special Child Health Services Case Management Unit
  49. Hunterdon Family & Sports Medicine at Hopewell Valley
  50. Hunterdon Family Medicine
  51. Hunterdon Family Medicine at Branchburg
  52. Hunterdon Family Medicine at Cornerstone
  53. Hunterdon Family Medicine at County Line
  54. Hunterdon Family Medicine at Delaware Valley
  55. Hunterdon Family Medicine at Highlands
  56. Hunterdon Family Medicine at Phillips-Barber
  57. Hunterdon Family Medicine at Riverfield
  58. Hunterdon Health and Wellness Centers
  59. Hunterdon Healthy Connections
  60. Hunterdon Infectious Disease Specialists
  61. Hunterdon Internal Medicine Associates
  62. Hunterdon Lifeline
  63. Hunterdon Medical Center Foundation
  64. Hunterdon Pediatric Associates
  65. Hunterdon Pulmonary and Critical Care
  66. Hunterdon Reflux and Motility Center
  67. Hunterdon Regional Breast Care Program
  68. Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center
  69. Hunterdon Regional Community Health
  70. Hunterdon Regional Pharmacy
  71. Hunterdon Urological Associates
  72. Hunterdon Women’s Imaging Center
  73. Hunterdon Wound Healing Center
  74. Infusion Services
  75. Integrative Medicine Program
  76. Internships
  77. Knee Replacement
  78. Laboratory Services
  79. Lifeline
  80. Mammography
  81. Maternity
  82. Medical Imaging
  83. Memory Center
  84. Neurodevelopmental Pediatricians
  85. Nursing Services
  86. Nutrition
  87. Pain Management
  88. Palliative Care
  89. Partnership for Health
  90. Pediatric Rehabilitation
  91. Pediatric Speech and Hearing Services
  92. Physical & Occupational Therapy
  93. Physicians
  94. Primary Care
  95. Psychiatric Associates of Hunterdon
  96. Pulmonary Care
  97. Reflux
  98. Sleep Disorders Centers
  99. Speech & Hearing
  100. The Child Development Center
  101. The Early Intervention Program
  102. Thrift Shop
  103. Visiting Health and Supportive Services
  104. Volunteer Resources
  105. Weight Loss
  106. Wellness Centers
  107. Wound Healing
  108. X-ray
  109. Yesterday's Treasures

Transforming Healthcare with Unified Chart™


Paper Medical Record

Hunterdon Healthcare Partners, LLC, formed in 1998 to improve quality and access to medical care in Hunterdon county and surrounding areas. As part of that mission, Hunterdon Healthcare Partners began the introduction of electronic health records at our practices, using NextGen software.

As medical care has become more complex, communication between the various physicians caring for an individual becomes increasingly essential. This is especially true among specialists and the primary care physician at the patient’s medical home.

Your NextGen electronic health record is Unified across all sites in the Hunterdon Healthcare Partners network. Nearly every Hunterdon Healthcare Partners doctor you see will chart in the same electronic record. This powerful tool allows every one of the doctors caring for you to see your medical details, including laboratory tests, imaging tests, medications and office visits. Please be assured, you can still share confidential information with your doctor as there is a confidential section in your chart that only that doctor can see.

Hunterdon Healthy Connections™

Your medications, allergies, chronic conditions and test results can also be shared among doctors from different health systems in New Jersey who participate in Jersey Health Connect. This is part of the national effort to improve patient care by sharing necessary information. Our office is connected with Jersey Health Connect via Hunterdon Healthy Connections™.

Why Connect?

There are many benefits to you when your medical information is available to all of your doctors:



• Better ability to diagnose and treat your conditions quickly and accurately
• Less unnecessary duplication of testing, so possibly less blood tests, x-rays, or cost
• Fewer delays in decision-making while waiting for information to be sent back and forth
• Better communication among your doctors
• Less need to repeat your health information at each office.

Your Choice

You have a choice. You may decline to share information with your other doctors.

For Unified Chart you may select to “opt-out” for the sharing of data by completing the form available at your doctor’s office. If you choose to opt-out, your outpatient information will not be shared among Hunterdon HealthCare Partners; Your Hunterdon doctors will still have access to labs and radiology tests at Hunterdon Medical Center.

For Jersey Health Connect, call the opt-out number at 855-624-NJHC (855-624-6542) or visit the web site at www.jerseyhealthconnect.org. By opting out of Jersey Health Connect, your health- care providers will not be able to access your health information through Jersey Health Connect.

We hope that you will allow us to share your medical information among providers involved in your care so that we can improve the quality, lower the cost and streamline the process of delivering the very best medical care to our patients and neighbors.

We want to be Connected to Care for YOU!