We are looking forward to seeing you in our Maternity and Newborn Care Centerwhen it is time to have your baby! Here is some important information that will help ensure your maternity stay and birthing experience are everything our dedicated maternity team strives for it to be ­-- exceptional. 

As early in your pregnancy as possible, please contact the Admitting Department at 908-788-6167 to ask for a maternity packet that should be completed and returned to us before you have your baby.

You will be asked to provide and sign the following:

  • Patient registration form(s)
  • Terms and conditions of service
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of privacy practice
  • Insurance information

Register Online Here

Pre-admission forms on file will help ensure your hospital admittance, at the time of labor, will go smoothly. If your insurance information changes after you have pre-registered, please provide your updated information to the Admitting Department as soon as possible.

What to Pack 

Labor bag

  • Labor review sheets
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Item(s) to provide a focal point, if desired
  • For back pain relief:  two tennis balls in a sock, a rolling pin, a can of soda
  • Socks, slippers, bathrobe if desired
  • Chap stick, mouthwash, toothbrush and paste
  • Lollipops
  • Hairbrush, barrette, rubber bands for long hair
  • Music: CD, IPOD, etc.
  • Hand fan
  • Aromatherapy (potpourri or essential oils) if desired. (No lit candles)
  • Small paper bag
  • Phone numbers of family and friends
  • Your baby book for newborn footprints, if desired
  • Camera
  • Powder or cornstarch for massage

 For Mom, after baby is born

  • Robe(s) and several nightgowns. If you plan to nurse, front opening, buttoning gowns are helpful. You can also bring sweats or similar loose fitting clothing if desired. (We find that nursing nightgowns frequently don’t have openings large enough to be able to breastfeed easily, so please leave these at home.)  
  • Two or more bras (if nursing, no elastic straps or underwires)
  • If your partner is staying overnight, please remember to pack pajamas for him/her as well.
  • Numerous pairs of panties (we will provide you with disposable panties to wear initially.  Most new mothers, however, find it more comfortable to switch to their own panties after the first day, although the disposable ones may be washed and reworn.)
  • Personal care items
  • Clothes to go home in

Phone card (local calls are free, any long distance calls must be collect calls or made with a prepaid phone card)