Labor and Delivery

Birthing Suites
The Maternity Newborn Care Center consists of 20 private Labor Delivery Recovery and Postpartum birthing suites with private bathrooms, personal refrigerators and all the equipment needed in a homelike atmosphere. Designed for comfort throughout the birthing process, expectant mothers can receive complete care in one comfortable room.

Support Person(s)
Expectant mothers are allowed one other person in addition to her partner/significant other in the labor and delivery room. We will issue your labor partner identification bracelets.

Labor Doula 
A labor doula is a professional labor support person who provides emotional support and information during labor. A doula does not deliver the baby or have a clinical role at the birth. Hunterdon Healthcare welcomes the services of doulas in assisting expectant mothers during labor and birth. Please be sure to share your plans to use a doula with your doctor or midwife prior to delivery. Because of our shared commitment to the safety and well being of our patients and their babies, we require your doula read and sign our doula agreement when you are admitted. This document will ask that she uphold the Doula Ethics and Standards of Practice throughout her service to you. If your doctor or midwife feels that these standards are not being upheld, we reserve the right to instruct the doula to leave.   

Pain Control  
There are a wide range of therapies and techniques to help expectant mothers with the pain associated with labor and delivery. Board-certified anesthesiologists are available 24 hours a day. Your anesthesiologist will work with you and your doctor in providing the best comfort measures for your individual labor experience.Other pain control measures include:

  • whirlpool water therapy
  • movement
  • Birthing Balls
  • Aromotherapy
  • Touch
  • Massage*
  • Music
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

All of these modalities (and more) are discussed in our birthing classes.

*Massage is an additional, out-of-pocket expense. To schedule a massage, please call the WellnessCenterat 908-534-7600.

You will have a phone available in your room, and will be able to give your phone number out to have family and friends you. You can place local calls directly, and make other calls with a phone card or by calling collect. Because of patient confidentiality, we will not discuss any details about your admission with anyone. We will transfer calls from the main desk to patients’ rooms unless the patient requests that she would not like to receive calls. You may also use your cell phone in the Maternity Newborn Care Center unit. Please ask visitors to use their cell phones either in your room, or outside of the unit. Cell phone use in the hallway is not permitted because it is disruptive to other patients and staff members. In the case of a caesarean birth, cell phones are not permitted in the Operating Room. 

Photographs may be taken any time during your stay. A camera is permitted for a vaginal birth, as well as for a caesarean birth. If you would like to take pictures of staff members, though, please ask their permission first. Please do not bring a tripod for your camera, as space is limited. 

Baby Pictures. This service is optional and is offered for a fee by the photography company. The photographs are sent to your home.

Videotaping is permitted only during the following times:

  • admission of the mother to the maternity unit;
  • once the baby is born, and mom and baby are settled;
  • discharge from the medical center

Expected Length of Stay
Most women who deliver vaginally have a two-night stay in the Maternity Newborn Care Center. Women who have caesarean births generally stay for three-nights. Your doctor can extend your time in the hospital if he/she feels it is medically necessary. Please plan on being discharged by 11 a.m. once you have received your doctor’s approval.

Robe(s) and several nightgowns. If you plan to nurse, front opening, buttoning gowns are helpful. You can also bring sweats or similar loose fitting clothing if desired. (We find that nursing nightgowns frequently don’t have openings large enough to be able to breastfeed easily, so please leave these at home.)   

  • Two or more bras (if nursing, no elastic straps or underwires)
  • If your partner is staying overnight, please remember to pack pajamas for him/her as well.
  • Numerous pairs of panties (we will provide you with disposable panties to wear initially.  Most new mothers, however, find it more comfortable to switch to their own panties after the first day, although the disposable ones may be washed and reworn.)
  • Personal care items
  • Clothes to go home in

Phone card (local calls are free, any long distance calls must be collect calls or made with a prepaid phone card)