Well Baby Nursery
The well-baby nursery is fully equipped, warm and friendly with plenty of outside light and big picture windows. Evening lighting includes a technology, which allows for subtly colorful backlighting to promote infant rest periods. Parents can look into the nursery to see their babies sleeping peacefully or receiving professional nursing care.

We encourage parents to “room in” with their babies, keeping their babies with them as much as desired. This way, parents get to know and care for their baby.

Level II Special Care Nursery
The Level II Special Care Nursery provides expert care for newborns who are born up to eight weeks premature or with a medical problem, such as an infection or respiratory condition.

Most importantly, the Level II Special Care Nursery allows for the most fragile newborn babies to stay in the same hospital with their mothers. Without this advanced level of care, newborns who are in need of special care would have to be transported to a tertiary care facility more than an hour away.

The spacious six-bed special care nursery has neonatology and pediatric coverage 24 hours a day, seven days week, under the direction of Sutharsanam Veerappan, MD, Medical Director of the Hunterdon Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine, board certified in neonatology and pediatrics. It also has six intensive care infant beds equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring technology and a picture archiving communication system which provides digital imaging physicians can view immediately. White noise machines that make nature sounds help soothe the infants.