Our Team

You will be cared for by skilled physicians and a team of dedicated nurses, many of whom have received specialized training and hold advanced degrees.

The Maternity and Newborn Care Center is fully equipped to handle any complications, with two surgical delivery rooms just steps away should a caesarean or other special procedure be necessary.

Our state-of-the art special care nursery with highly qualified medical and nursing staff assures the best care possible for an acutely ill infant.

Obstetrics & Family Practice (delivering physicians)

Active Staff
Patricia Ardise, MD
Mamie S. Bowers, MD
Melissa R. Camiolo, MD
Louisa Essandoh, MD
Kara D. Goglia, MD
Michele S. Grove, MD
Deirdre C. Masterton, MD
Denise Pisatowski, MD
Seth M. Rubin, MD
Lidia F. Vitale, MD

Nurse Midwives
Judith Catennaci, CNM
Barbara LaBrie, CNM
Catherine McCabe, CNM
Erin-Ellen P. Dillon, CNM

Neonatology services

A pregnancy is considered full-term if the woman carries her baby for at least 37 weeks. Hunterdon Medical Center has the technology and expertise to care for babies who are born as early as 32 weeks.

Thanks to our affiliation with St. Peters University Hospital, this highly specialized care is available to families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So in most cases there is no need to travel a long distance to a university hospital setting for care of their newborn. The expertise is right here!